Saturday, March 21, 2009

Cabo San Lucas Beaches Are Incredible

Cabo San Lucas Beaches Are Incredible

Cabo San Lucas beaches are incredible and that is why you should visit one. Every time I travel to Mexico I just cannot pry myself off of the beach. They are long and beautiful. Not to mention when you are on the beach you can see all of the beautiful rock formations and natural arches.

The sand is so white and incredible. Each day you will try to think of ways to extend your vacation because you will not want to leave.

The food is absolutely fabulous as well. I can taste the fresh salsa and quesadillas.

I guarantee that you will agree that Cabo San Lucas beaches are just as incredible as I have described, go ahead and try to prove me wrong.

Friday, March 13, 2009

The Best Flights are First Thing in The Morning

The Best Flights are First Thing in The Morning

The early morning flights are best for a variety of reasons. Many people do not choose the early morning flights so they are less crowded. The pilots are usually well rested and fresh. And you will reach your destination early and have more time for yourself.

Many websites now allow you to toggle your dates and times so that you can find the best price. If you are flexible, you can get a great flight at a great price.

Look around because there are many differences. Try,, and directly with the airline of your choice.

Do the same for your car rental and hotel. Remember to opt for the car insurance because if you do get into an accident it is the fastest and easiet way to remedy the situation. Good luck booking your flights.

How To Find a Discount Hotel

How To Find a Discount Hotel
The key to finding a discount hotel is not hours of searching, but simply asking. Find the hotel that you want and ask for a discount or for a better room or view. No matter what deal you make up front, you can also ask for a better deal or room once you get there.

There is no harm in asking and most likely you will get something. Hotels do not like empty beds. There motto is heads in beds. They are willing to come down on the price to have the room full.

Where ever you travel to and no matter what hotel you choose ask for your discounts once when you first book and once when you arrive. Remember you can catch more flies with honey so be as sweet as you can and you will find a discount hotel you actually want to stay at.