Monday, February 2, 2009

Book a Hotel in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is a very beautiful and affordable vacation destination for families, singles and couples. When looking for a hotel room you should definitely go for the works. Mexico is not a place where you want to stay at a two star hotel. I recommend a minimum of a 3 star and with prices as low as they are right now, a 4 star hotel is very affordable. If you have children you will really appreciate the difference.

A four star hotel will have amenities such as a restaurant onsite and they are usually very good. The will filter their own water which is a must. I have never gotten sick from the water in Mexico, because while I am there, I only drink the water at the hotel I am staying at. I do go out to eat and drink, but I do not drink water at other restaurants.

Most four star hotels also have beach access. It is very nice to just walk directly out of your hotel room and down to the beach. You will really appreciate this convenience and you will spend more time relaxing and less time driving.

Have fun in Cabo!

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