Thursday, February 19, 2009

Save Money By Traveling During the Off Season

The prime season to travel to most beach destinations is December through April. Therefore your best deals will be between May and November. One thing to keep in mind is that families with children must travel while their kids are out of school, taking up the June through August 15 timeframe. So to get your very best travel deals. Travel between May 1 to May 31 or August 18 to December 15, avoiding Thanksgiving.

Many beach destinations have beautiful weather all year long if they are located near the equator.

If you are aware of these slow periods ahead of time it will help you to negotiate a better rate for your car rental, hotel and airfare.

You should also keep in mind that airlines will normally give you a better deal if you stay over a Saturday night. You can also check the dates around your travel dates because sometimes rates can be significantly lower if you travel mid week, such as Wednesday or Thursday.

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