Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How to Save Money Taking a Cruise

How to Save Money Taking a Cruise

You can save money on your vacation by taking a cruise.

Knowing how to save money taking a cruise will give you the vacation of your dreams on a budget. Cruises are great for saving money, eating excellent food and having tons of fun and entertainment at your fingertips. Cruises are all inclusive which makes them one of the best vacation deals around.

CHOOSE A DESTINATION - Choose a destination for your vacation. There are cruises all over the world. There are cruises in the Caribbean, European cruises, Mediterranean cruises, Alaskan cruises, Mexico cruises and many more. There are cruises in just about every area of the world where there is ocean.

Depending upon your destination, you will want to decide how long you will be on your cruise vacation. Some cruises require longer stays such as the Alaskan cruise. It is a slow cruise up the coast of Alaska and back down.

EVALUATE THE EXCURSIONS - Find out what excursions will be available while you are cruising. What port cities will you be stopping in? How long will you be staying? Spend your holiday in the places that you love and still make it back on the ship in time for a gourmet dinner. Multiple destinations will make your vacation more enjoyable. Find out the rules of the ship before departing for your excursion. Knowing how to save money taking a cruise will help you to take more vacations.

EVALUATE THE ACTIVITIES - Check to make sure all of the activities that you love will be available and open during the time of your cruise. If the weather permits make sure the pool is open. Is there entertainment, bingo, dancing, etc.? Does the cruise ship have a casino? Is the dining room open 24 hours?

The fine cuisine is one of the highlights of most cruises. The cost of the meals alone would be more than your entire cruise. It is a good thing they are included at no extra cost.

BOOK A CRUISE - Book your cruise once you have decided your dates and destination. When booking a cruise remember that the higher up in the ship, the better. Book a cabin as high as possible. It is one area where you may want to pay for an upgrade. Make sure that your cabin has everything that you need including a deck.

Knowing how to save money taking a cruise will help you take the vacation of your dreams.

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