Monday, April 5, 2010

How to Plan a Beach Wedding Easily

If you have your heart set on a beach wedding, you will need to plan in advance at least six months. Beach weddings are normally simple and beautiful, but they do need a fair amount of planning to work out perfect.
Beach weddings are beautiful around the world in places such as Mexico, Jamaica, Bali, Hawaii, Aruba, Florida or California. The best part of a beach wedding is that you can have it any time of year, November, December, January and February look the best at the beach.
Book The Beach
Book the beach location with the local city or county where the beach is located. Most likely you will need to reserve it and possibly get a permit to have a wedding on that date and time. Check with the county where the beach is located to find out what you need to do. There may be costs involved. Don't assume that since it is a public or a private beach that it will be free or available.
Book The Minister
Book at minister, pastor, rabbi or other official that has a license to officiate a wedding at the location that you have chosen. Just because a captain of a boat or a pilot of an airplane is allowed to officiate a wedding at sea or a wedding in the air, does not mean that they are allowed to officiate one on land. Check with local officials or the local justice of the peace to find out the rules for the location that you will be married.
It does not matter where you live, it only matters where you will be married when determining who is ordained to officiate the wedding.
Plan the decorations for your beach wedding. Most likely you will want to keep the decorations to a minimum. Remember, anything that you bring to the beach must be taken away from the beach. Do not bring anything that may be blown away by the wind. Everything should be weighted down.
You may want an alter to decorate with flowers, chairs for the guests and decorations for the aisle.
Don't forget the flowers, leis, or bouquets for the flower girls, bridesmaids and bride.
Food and Drinks
Plan your food and drink menu if you plan to serve your guests at the beach. You may want to have the reception at another location.
If you do want to eat at the beach, you may want to roast a pig in a spit, serve easy to serve and eat food.
Find out the local rules and regulations regarding alcohol at the beach. If alcohol is not allowed on the beach, you may not be able to serve it at your wedding. Also keep in mind that you may not be able to bring glass containers to the beach.
Guests Needs
Plan for all of your guests needs such as restrooms, seating and entertainment.
If you do need to bring in portapotties for your wedding, you may want to look in to the luxury type of portapotty.
Being on the beach may be entertainment enough, but you may want to bring in a band, dj, music or even a portable dancefloor.
Wedding Photos and Videos
Hire a wedding photographer to take photos at your wedding. You may also want to hire a videographer to film your wedding.
It is fun to leave disposable cameras on each table to allow your guests to take photos of the wedding and party.
Order invitations for your beach wedding. You may want to have an ocean, nautical or island theme for your wedding invitations.
Be sure to send your invitations out early so that your guests have plenty of time to allow for your wedding. Three months ahead is a good time frame, or send out a save the date notice.
Wedding Cake
Order a wedding cake for your beach wedding. Taste sample cakes from your bakery first to make sure it is everything that you ever wanted.
Wedding Dress
Search for the perfect wedding dress for your beach wedding. You may be able to find a light weight short dress for your wedding.
Make sure that the bridesmaids dresses and tuxedos for the groomsmen and groom are ordered in plenty of time for the wedding.
Enjoy your beach wedding.

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